Be like the main character of the manga and anime series, Gon Freecss, and wear these Hunter x Hunter tank tops. The product is made of 100% polyester. The size is free. The item is estimated to weigh 5g. The product packaging is a plastic bag. The product has a design on the front and back. There is a zip fastener on the side. There are no pockets on the item. The product has a design on the front and back. The materials used to make this item are as follows: 100% polyester. Hunter x Hunter Tank Tops are a great way to show your love for Hunter x Hunter. The tank top is made of 100% cotton and has a nice, soft feel. The print is professionally done and will last a long time. This is how the dropshipping works: the customer places an order in your Shopify store and pays you the amount. After that, you will need to purchase that product for less from the supplier, and they will ship the item directly to your customer. Tank tops for men, designed to look like the famous anime series, Hunter x Hunter. The design on these tank tops is inspired by the character, Hisoka. The high quality material and attention to detail makes this a great gift for any fan of the series.  It's always great to have a good anime theme wallpaper on your computer screen, or a cool pillow with your favorite character's face on your bed.

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