The Anime hoodies are made of high quality material. The colours are highly vibrant, and will never fade. These hoodies are designed with a modern fit, with wider armholes and a larger neckline. The anime hoodies are made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, and the inside is fleece lined. The prints on the hoodies are sublimation printed, which means the print will never crack or fade. The Anime hoodies are also available in different colours, including black, red, green, blue and maroon. There is also a wide range of sizes available. The long sleeve anime hoodie is a unique and comfortable garment, which is popular among anime fans. The anime hoodie is easily recognizable as it always has unique and recognizable designs. The hoodie is mostly unisex and can be worn by both men and women. The long sleeve anime hoodie has become a trendsetter in our day to day life. This kind of clothing is extremely popular and is highly desired by the youngsters. The long sleeve anime hoodie is a must have for all the anime lovers and is a perfect gift for them. The long sleeve anime hoodie is available in various colors and is available in different sizes. The hoodies are made of Polyester and Cotton. The fabric is lightweight, soft, stretchy and comfortable to wear. These hoodies are unisex, they are not too loose or too tight. The size is suitable for all people, whether women or men, kids or adults. The material is breathable, it is comfortable to wear in the summer or winter.

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